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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gathering Day @ Time Square


Had 2008 6B's gathering at Times Square with
-Yoon Lynn ( my loupo ♥)
- the couple, Sean and Natalie
-Chee Hin

Before going :3

My outfit xD

Arrive thr and went to gasoline had our lunch :3

The couple, Sean and Natalie xD

1st time meet my ahsou - Natalie
She vry pretty !!! ♥.
No wonder Sean will love her so much ! aha :P

Well, since I had a broken english + I'm shame
We only said "Hi" ,
we didnt take any photos for memories!!! URGH /.\


have to thx her also,
She said I look prettier than my photo

me and loupo
ugly smile :X
After eating,
went to shopping to buy my school bag
OMFG, it only cost RM35, 
I LOVE IT ! x3

went to watch "The Darkest Hour" with them :3

This movie kinda scary LOL :S
I have to talk bout this movie abit :P

We here have a couple named Sean and Natalie,
and inside the movie,
the couple name Sean and Natalie also !!!

This 2 name are perfect match! xD


Photoshooting time !! ♥____

Me and loupo

Me and Ivy
She very leng luii and make me feel
self-abased T-T xD
The guys :S

Back home ! 
战利品 !! xD
I'm SINGLE Ladies :3

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